Book of Mormon production review

Last night I saw the Chicago production of The Book of Mormon! As expected, it was really fun and really high energy. And, of course, hilarious. It was amazingly written and produced, but I (of course) have some critiques.

The staging was full of fun little subtleties and jokes, and the pit and pit mix were quite good. The set and lighting design were also quite good. I particularly liked the lighting in the second half of Sal Tlay Ka Siti. I don’t usually like fake stars, but it was very tasteful and actually rather beautiful.

However, the tightness among the singers (mostly the Elders) and between them and the pit left something to be desired. I feel like it got a little better in the second half, but they got off to a weak start. The Africans seemed tighter, at least. I could have used a little more vocal in the mix, or just a little more high end on the vocals to add some definition. That actually may have been over-corrected, because at first it felt like the front fills were a little harsh from where we were sitting (fourth row of the dress circle). Not that the mixer can hear that from where they sit. Of course, more enunciation would have done the trick, too.

And the best vocal work in the show (by far, I thought) was Nabulungi.

As a side comment/thought: does anyone know who owns the rights to the show? As far as I can tell, it’s independent, which means they had to pay cash for the rights to characters from Walt Disney, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek. That can’t be cheap.