Quantified cantillation II: word counts

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A lot of discussion around my last post was about the role of sentence structure. For example, there’s a heuristic that psukim with fewer than five words don’t have an etnakhta, while those with more than five words do. This visualization lets you explore these types of relationships.

By word count visualization static

We see that, indeed, etnakhtas do approximately follow this pattern, while other trops’ counts naturally vary more linearly with word count (e.g., mapakh and pashta). Other trop, though, like tipkha, quickly hit a ceiling regardless of how long a pasuk gets.

Note that I’ve cut off the x axis at 33 words. While there are much longer psukim, there aren’t enough of them to get meaningful averages.

Wordcount distribution Wordcount distribution

Click in the legend to turn a trop on and off; double-click to solo it. As with the first post, there’s nothing revolutionary here, but I think it’s still interesting to see and explore. (Also, I'm no expert on D3/NVD3, so don’t judge me too harshly. And if you’re on IE and it doesn’t work, tough luck.)