Vote your conscience

What’s happening at the Republican National Convention doesn’t feel real, but it’s real. The self-aggrandizing nominee for president claimed, “I alone can fix it.” Later, chants of “Yes you will, yes you will.” This is not about policies; it’s fear and cult of personality.

Fascism is the following (copied and pasted from here):

  • Glorification of the past (before the debasement of the nation); past seen as glorious, source of inspiration for the present.
  • Exaltation of force, strength, violence: slogans, symbols, costumes, insignias, military. Promotes discipline, sacrifice, blind obedience to the leader.
  • A reaction (defines itself through reaction to something else): against those that have debased the nation, those that disunite it, that cannot defend it against its enemies.
  • In fascism, the enemies of the nation are old corrupt politicians, foreigners, especially Jews, communism (promoted by Jews).

And let’s not forget the calls of “America First”, which is a reference to the political party of Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindburgh.

By all means, vote your conscience. I just hope that your conscience tells you that, above all, this man and his party must be defeated.