Hi, I’m Noah.

MeI’m a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University’s unique Technology and Social Behavior program, a joint Ph.D. in Computer Science and Communication Studies. I am a member of the CollabLab, and also work with the Interactive Audio Lab. Professionally, I am a user experience designer at Shure, designing and prototyping software for managing microphones.

My dissertation is on user interfaces for audio production, applying computational models of human auditory perception to the creation of smarter visualizations for professional multitrack mixing engineers. Previously, I worked on behavior in computer-mediated communication environments, studying the similarity between people’s words in text-based communication.

While my work is on audio, I also take interest in (read: tweet about) the effects of new technologies — networked/​ubiquitous/​pervasive/​public/​personal/​mobile — on society, including behavioral, privacy, business, and regulatory implications.

I have a Master’s in HCI from the University of Michigan School of Information. My undergraduate work was in electrical engineering (signal processing and communications systems), also at the University of Michigan. My dissertation, then, is the culmination of growing up in my dad’s recording studio, then studying electrical engineering and HCI.

When not doing a science, I’ve been known to nerd out about music, tech, Judaism, design, theater, severe weather, space, punctuation, and bad puns. I play sax and guitar in a garage band, practice yoga less frequently than I should, enjoy doing live audio, and can usually be seen interacting with one or more Apple products.